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Vancouver Speech Therapy

At Vancouver Speech Therapy, we provide variety of speech and language therapy services. We offer services from assessment to treatment for children and adults of all ages. We currently see clients all over BC for online services and in person services in our clinic in Abbotsford: 

3670 Townline Road, Unit 206, Abbotsford, BC.

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Social Pragmatic Treatment

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How we serve

      Speech therapy in Vancouver can be carried out online via video conferencing or in-home depending on each client’s needs. Also, it varies depending on the child’s age, and communication level.

      A speech and language pathologist in Vancouver can play their role by interacting through playing and talking, using objects, pictures, and books as a part of language intervention to help stimulate language development. Speech therapy includes focusing on the correct use of sounds and syllables for a child according to their age. 

      Speech and language pathologists in Vancouver Speech Therapy provide strategies and techniques for the child and parents on how to work on speech and language skills at home. We also integrate teachers, parents, and other healthcare professionals where needed

Why do you need a speech therapist?

So you’ve recognized you or your child needs speech and language support. See below for details on the types of concerns we at Vancouver Speech Therapy assess and treat. 
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Articulation is the ability to move lips, tongue, palate, and jaw to produce the speech sounds called phonemes.The inability to properly announce certain word sounds is known as an Articulation disorder. An individual who faces this disorder may swap, drop, distort, or add word sounds. One example of this order is when the word “rabbit” would be said as “wabbit.” The listener cannot understand correctly what is being said.


A speech and language pathologist at Vancouver speech therapy center offers this service to individuals and tells them how to articulate words. SLPs go through various prompts to assist you or your child in making a target sound.  If an individual’s articulation skills are compromised due to any reason, their intelligibility will also decrease as compared to other children of the same age. It is also referred to as speech intelligibility, how well people can understand speech. At Vancouver speech therapy, our SLPs coordinate with you or your child to teach how to produce these specific sound patterns and increase speech intelligibility.



Expressive Language

Difficulty in expressing information or conveying your ideas to others is known as Expressive language disorder. It leads to the trouble in forming accurate sentences or incorrect use of tenses. Vancouver Speech Therapy uses the best techniques to treat expressive disorders.


Expressive language refers to what your child says. Speech-language pathologists at Vancouver Speech Therapy can help your child to learn the vocabulary, basic concepts, grammatical units and structures needed to form phrases and sentences.

disorder of speech & Language Disorders

Receptive Language

A person with receptive disorder cannot understand what the other person is saying. Receptive language refers to the child’s ability to understand the language.

It seems children have more persuasive language skills than expressive language skills (what they can say). If your child lacks these listening skills, a speech and language pathologist can help them by teaching them new vocabulary and use of that knowledge in different directions while your child is participating in a conversation with others. Let Vancouver Speech Therapy help you!

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Social Pragmatic

It refers to the way a person uses language to communicate. Social and pragmatic language involves three primary communication skills such as


● Changing language according to the place and people, for example, we talk differently with a child and adult

●  Using language in different ways to communicate such as (greeting others, asking questions, gain information or protesting)

●  Follow conversation rules, for example (understanding verbal and nonverbal cues, taking turns during a conversation, and staying on the main topic). A speech and language therapist teaches your child to learn social language skills to participate effectively in discussions and social gatherings.

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A fluency disorder is the most common speech disorder which affects the speed, flow, and rhythm of speech. In this disorder, speech is interrupted by unusual stops, word repetitions such as b-b-boy. When stuttering, a person has trouble in getting out a sound that is blocked, interrupted, or repeats all words. However, some disfluencies are normal, but some disfluencies affect your communication ability. In stuttering, these behaviours are observed, such as repetitions, interjections, prolongations, and blocks. However, some severe cases of stuttering are also seen, such as tension in the face, shoulder, chest, eye, nose flaring, and neck. 

A speech therapist at Vancouver Speech Therapy can help you or your child decrease their rate of stuttering by practicing various techniques and strategies to help you gain control over your stutter. 


Alternative Augmentative
Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is an alternative form of communication used to express ideas, needs, thoughts, and wants in forms other than speech. AAC can be considered the use of facial expressions, use of symbols or pictures, writing and sign language…etc.

When a child has a severe speech and/or expressive language disorder, our speech and language pathologist will recommend the child begin using AAC to communicate rather than verbal speech.  

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we encourage our children to use Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), the core board and eventually our children graduate to using an iPad with a communication output app. Ask our Speech and Language Pathologists at Vancouver Speech Therapy for more details if you are curious! 

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Teletherapy for Children with Autism

Accent reduction aims to modify and clear your accent by pronouncing words right to speak English more clearly. Accent reduction treats consonant sounds, vowel sounds, syllable stress and intonation. It is an organized approach to learn and adopt a new speech accent by the learning process. Shortly, it is a process of sound system learning.

Speech-language pathologists at Vancouver Speech Therapy are qualified experts in English speaking who can help you reduce your accent. They are there to serve you in changing your pronunciations and speaking style. SLP boosts your confidence to speak correctly and create rhythm in your voice by genuinely understanding what problem you are facing in accent reduction.



People with autism faces challenges with social skills and verbal/non-verbal communication. Autism can be a minor problem, or it may cause disability that needs full care and speech therapy in Vancouver. 

People with autism face trouble with communication and can not understand what other people think and feel. Some individuals with autism lack eye contact with people, repeat the same word back and forth, are sensitive to sound and touch; they do not look or listen to people when other person points at them. Autism signs usually appear by age 3-4 because the children can communicate with others.

Studies show that early diagnosis of people having autism and treatment shows positive outcomes later in life. Vancouver Speech Therapy can improve overall communication, making it possible for people with autism to enhance their relationships and function in everyday life.



Speech therapy Vancouver

Aphasia usually occurs after an individual experiences an injury to the head. This typically affects the individual’s ability to express, comprehend, read and write. 

A Speech and Language Pathologist can assess and treat individuals with Aphasia. A comprehensive assessment is done where impairments to body structures and functions are taken into account as well as co morbid deficits, limitations in participating in activities, contextual environmental and personal factors, and how the injury has impaired the individuals quality of life. 

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we have trained professionals who specialize in a variety of treatments to help improve the quality of life of those affected by it. 


Blog posts


What they say

My son has been doing speech therapy for 10 months now with Aman and I saw a tremendous improvement.  My son started of with pointing at things instead of using his words.  Simple words as beside, under, infront he doesn’t know how to use them, he would just say “that one”.  The lessons were very well done according to the needs of my son.  Aman also teaches him how to start a conversation which helps him in school.  Not only the lessons my son enjoys but the close relationship he has with Aman.  She’s very comfortable to work with and made sure she tells me what they’re working on after each session. Very flexible with her hours when need be to re adjust the time scheduled.  I recommend her to friends and family.  Very patient and kind to my son.


– Lorma

I have high praises for Vancouver Speech Therapy and the SLPs we’ve worked with. They are amazing and will work collaboratively with the family to achieve the best results we’re aiming for.
Aman works with my 12yo and she’s done a wonderful job. She comes up with a treatment plan and always seek my thoughts if I needed any clarifications. Sometimes there will be urgent topics I needed covered that’s either not on the plan or had been done already but she will accommodate.
The SLP-As Rachael and Delaney works at home with my 5yo and I’m thrilled at how much progress they’ve made. 3 months ago, my 5yo will only answer yes/no questions 3/10 and now he’s a chatty little boy. It’s so much fun listening to their sessions and both my children enjoy it.
I’m so amazed at all the work they’ve done!!
– Kristine

We are very happy with my daughters speech sessions with Aman. She is very patient and thorough and connects with my daughter very well. We noticed a big improvement in her speech.  Our daughter always looks forward to her weekly sessions and we are happy seeing her happy. 


– Anna

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If you think you or your child could benefit from our speech and language services at Vancouver Speech Therapy, do not hesitate to contact us!