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The majority of the children develop speech and language skills in the first five years of life. A child who takes longer than that may have a problem. While there are many speech disorders There is no conventional way of treating speech disorders other than Speech Language Therapy in Vancouver.

What is Speech Therapy?

Keep it simple

Speech therapy is used to treat people who have speech disorders. It is done by Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in layman terms called Speech Therapist. Their goal is to help the children emotionally by making then feel confident when speaking and be less frustrated when unable to form a word and physically by exercises that help them loosen the tension built in their body.

What is the role of Speech-language pathologists?

They help identify the kind of language problem the child has. After the diagnosis is made, they suggest the best treatment that should be given to the young. The speech therapist depending on kind of speech disorder work with the children in one to one sessions or group sessions


A speech-language pathologist can help children with these problems:

  • They cannot speak fluently and often make mistakes when making sounds known as articulation problems.
  • They stutter while speaking and struggle to speak a full sentence known as fluency problems.
  • Their voice pitch is either too low or too high, identified as resonance or voice problems.
  • These children cannot eat or sallow and often drool. This is called oral feeding problems.

How do speech therapists resolve these issues?

A different activity resolves each issue.

v Language building activity

To build the language skillset in children, the therapist uses books or plays games with the children that help develop language. They also do language-based drills to help the children.

v Articulation therapy

The speech therapist demonstrates how the tongue moves when a sound is made, and children repeat their actions. Each movement helps them make a specific sound. This teaches them how to move their tongue when they want to make that sound.

v Feeding therapy

In this, the speech therapist helps the child in exercising their mouth. The exercises are designed to toughen up facial muscles (the focus being in the jaw, lips, and tongue). They also give the children food with different textures to help them understand the swallowing and chewing process

What to expect from therapy?

Please start therapy early on. According to a survey, 70% of the children with a speech disorder, who went to therapy during kindergarten, coped well.

However, along with therapy, your child will also need your support. You need to help them practice their skills and perfect them.

Youu have to be patient because speech therapy isn’t a fast process; it may take months or even years to make the issue better. But choosing the right therapist is also a critical factor in making progress. Ensure that the therapist you’ve chosen has already worked with children with similar issues and that the therapist and child are a good match.

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