What Is The Most Common Disorder Of Speech?

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What Is The Most Common Disorder Of Speech?

The most common disorder of speech is stuttering or stammering. Parents often notice childhood mistakes. It is often noticed between the ages of six and twelve months that babies either remain silent or have problems with their concentration. Motor weakness or lack of eye contact can also be the first sign of language development disorder.

However, the diagnosis is even more difficult because language development is highly distinct. Learning to speak faster than a child peer is an attempt to diagnose a normal language disorder through specific tests. Today, in Vancouver Speech Therapy’s article you’re going to learn what is the most common disorder of speech! 

What Is Speech Disorder? 

A speech disorder is an inability to form speech correctly and fluently. One has to clearly distinguish between a speech disorder and a speech impediment. A speech disorder affects the motor structure of words or sounds.

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What Is The Most Common Disorder Of Speech?

There are different forms of speech disorders so they can express themselves very differently. The so-called better recognizable speech disorders such as stammering, stagnation, or disturbing. These forms help you to recognize that the way you speak is unusual and does not match the language you use. 

It is more difficult for parents to detect when children start speaking and understanding the language too late. Although there are guidelines on what children should do at a certain age, it is difficult for parents without professional support to recognize whether a child is a little late in acquiring speaking skills or whether there is public speaking, so it is advisable to take part in a routine examination by a pediatrician. Abnormalities in language development can also be detected.

Symptoms of Disorder of Speech and Communication 

The following features are indicative of a disorder of speech and communication:

  • Unable to speak
  • Inability to understand or use your language
  • Speech is the product of inconsistent production
  • Sounds inconsistent rearranging a sound
  • Fast speed rate
  • Speech muscle paralysis
  • It may be that speech and communication disorders are present in the patient’s body even if there are no physical symptoms of the disease.

The Common Causes of Disorders of Speech & Communication 

The most common causes of disorder of speech and communication disorders are:

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Disorders of Speech Are Risk Factors For The Disease

The following diagnostics increase the risk of disorders of speech and communication:

  • Ear, nose, and throat problems
  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure

Prevention of Disorders of Speech 

Yes, disorders of speech and communication can be prevented. The disease can be prevented by taking the following steps:

  • Exercise daily
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Low alcohol consumption
  • Blood pressure control

Steps For The Treatment of Disorders of Speech 

The following steps are followed for the treatment of speech and communication disorders:

  • Denver Articulation Screening Test: Speech Diagnosis
  • Hearing tests: To diagnose speech disorders
  • Engage in communication: Improve communication by speaking slowly and using hand gestures
  • Speech Therapy: Helps to treat speech disorder symptoms

If you’re having trouble while you are speaking or you notice any unusual in your child’s speech, you can contact Vancouver Speech Therapy. A worthy clinic where you can get the best treatment in Vancouver!