Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge

Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge

Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge

How Is Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge Performed?

Speech therapy in Maple Ridge is a sort of intervention that focuses on a child’s capacity to communicate verbally and nonverbally. Speech therapists, often known as speech and language pathologists (SLPs), provide these services. 

Two components comprise speech therapy: 

1) coordinating the lips to produce sounds that constitute words and phrases (addressing articulation, fluency, and volume regulation of the voice) 

2) comprehending and expressing language. Additionally, the function of speech-language pathologists in treating swallowing difficulties has expanded to encompass all aspects of feeding.

If you want to learn more about speech therapy in Maple Ridge, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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Children’s Language & Speech Therapy In Maple Ridge

Untreated speech-language delays and disorders can have a detrimental effect on your child’s ability to interact with others and overall quality of life. A communication challenge might limit your child’s school and employment opportunities and impact them daily. This is why speech therapy in Maple Ridge can be so useful. 

Uncertainty in Speech

When a child turns four, he should communicate with people 90% of the time. There are many reasons why some children have difficulty communicating adequately and speech therapy in Maple Ridge can help them. Difficulties communicating clearly and being understood can leave a youngster frustrated and have a negative effect on their self-confidence.

A speech-language pathologist will begin with a speech evaluation to ascertain the nature of the child’s speech impairment and to establish a specific treatment plan. Parent education and training are provided to ensure the most outstanding possible support at home and expedite growth.

What Role May a Speech Therapist Play in My Child’s Development?

Following an initial Speech Therapy assessment,  therapists can assist your child in the following ways:

  • Individualized home and school-based therapy/activity programs
  • Parents, caregivers, and other professionals receive guidance and training to carry out rehabilitation programs.
  • Sessions of individual or group therapy
  • Assistance with specialized equipment and systems, such as alternative modes of communication and early feeding support
Speech therapy in Maple Ridge

Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge: Inspections Sessions

Our Inspection sessions may take up to 90 minutes.per sessions. During this speech therapy in Maple Ridge session, we will start with a screening of your case on all of your communication fields. We will then analyze your speech and assess what are your main concerns. We will then provide you with tips to evaluate your verbal updates and suggest actions to improve even more. 

The inspection session can be done anywhere, whether it is at home, school, your office, or our office. If applicable, please plan ahead as we require a 90 minutes interview with parents to evaluate the best course of action for your child. 

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Stammering Speech Therapy

For a Stammering Speech therapy session, you will need to plan approximately one hour. During this hour, we will be working with your child (under 19 years old) and you to build trust and go over the learning techniques. These techniques will help to grow fluidity, handle the stammers as well as increase your child’s self-confidence. 

The main goal of stammering speech therapy in Maple Ridge is to make sure that the child is able to reach a point where a conversation is not such a big obstacle. We are looking forward to helping you and your family to develop long-term habits and strategies that will change your lives. 

These sessions can either be at home or at our offices.

Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge

Fluency Disorders Therapy

A fluency disorder is one of the most known speech disorders and it affects the flow, rhythm as well as speed of speech. When suffering from this disorder, you might experience abrupt stops during your speech or even word repetition such as ‘’b-b-b-boy’’ for example. Some of the most well-known fluency disorders are stuttering & cluttering. 

Cluttering: Cluttering is when an individual is speaking fast and/or combining phrases that alter their phrasing.

Stuttering: Stuttering is when someone has a hard time getting a sound out. It is well known to interrupt, distort or make someone repeat certain words.

Our experts will help you with your fluency disorder via speech therapy in Maple Ridge. We will provide strategies and tools for your journey. Let our experts guide you. 

What Is The Goal Of Speech Therapy In Maple Ridge

It is hard to have a good summary of the main goal of speech therapy in Maple Ridge since everyone’s journey is different. Here are some of our main goals:

  • We want to support our community by avoiding and mitigating any difficulty of communication 
  • We want to share and collect statistics & evaluations on feeding and swallowing problems. We also aim to help control those disorders. 
  • We want to share advice, information and care tips to young adults and children with speech, language, and communication needs; (SLCN)
  • We are always there to provide training to teachers and practitioners who are working with young adults and children with SLCN
  • We are actively participating in research and development with children’s centers, elementary & high schools, hospitals, and more.
  • We are always happy to provide training as well as support for the families of young adults and children affected by SLCN.

We have a vast array of partnerships that allows us to always be aware of the latest discoveries and treatment methods for SLCN. We also work with a lot of communities and charitable organizations to share our expertise and time.

Speech Therapy in Maple Ridge

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