Our Services

  • speech pathology


    Articulation is the ability to move lips, tongue, palate, and jaw to produce the speech sounds called phonemes. At Vancouver speech therapy, our SLPs coordinate with your child to teach them how to produce these specific sound patterns to increase speech intelligibility.

  • Expressive Language

    Expressive language refers to what your child says. Speech-language pathologists can help your child to learn the vocabulary, basic concepts, grammatical units and structures needed to form phrases and sentences.

  • disorder of speech & Language Disorders

    Receptive Language

    Receptive language refers to a child’s ability to understand language. If your child lacks these skills, a speech and language pathologist can help them learn new vocabulary and concepts to help follow different directions understand conversations.

  • Social Communication

    This involves communication skills such as understanding verbal and nonverbal cues, taking turns during a conversation, and staying on topic. A speech and language therapist teaches your child to learn social language skills to participate effectively in social gatherings.

  • autism therapy


    Stuttering is a speech disorder which affects the speed, flow, and rhythm of speech. In this disorder, speech is interrupted by unusual stops, word reputations such as b-b-boy. A speech therapists can help find strategies that give your or your child more control of the stutter.

  • aac vancouver


    Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) refers to an alternative means other than speaking to express ideas, needs, thoughts, and wants. AAC includes core boards, iPads , sign language. When a child has such severe communication impairments, our speech therapists set children up with an alternative means to communicate.

  • Teletherapy for Children with Autism

    Accent Reduction

    Accent reduction aims to modify and clear your accent by pronouncing words right to speak English more clearly. Accent reduction treats consonant sounds, vowel sounds, syllable stress and intonation. It is an organized approach to learn and adopt a new speech accent by the learning process. Shortly, it is a process of sound system learning.

  • Autism

    People with autism faces challenges with social skills and verbal/non-verbal communication. Autism can be a minor problem, or it may cause disability that needs full care and speech therapy in Vancouver. Speech therapy can improve overall communication, making it possible for people with autism to enhance their relationships and function in everyday life.


Parent Coaching

speech language therapist

At Vancouver Speech Therapy, the aim is to encourage parents to be apart of their child’s therapeutic process to receive optimal results. Parents are not mere observers of their child’s therapy, rather, they should continue what has been started in the therapist’s office to ensure change is realized.


Parent coaching includes: 

  • Observing the child and parent interacting in natural settings to understand dynamics at work
  • Probing the parents to create strategies that will foster language development with their children
  • Boosting and increasing parent confidence. This is particularly important as in time past, parents believed intervention work belonged only to a professional. Coaching teaches parents that for effective intervention and change in their child, they are partners with the therapist and not merely observers.
  • Reflection and Refinement. Parents will initially have nuances to refine when implementing strategies to foster language development with their children. The therapist will assist the parent in identifying what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be adjusted. This is a guided experience with the professional always being available to ensure best practices are being adhered to.


Sometimes parents are intimidated because they feel it’s a lot to add to their busy every day schedules and implementing strategies is just too much. Vancouver speech therapy recognize the busy lives of parents as they balance work and family care so we create realistic weekly goals for parents to work on. One small step at a time can make a big difference in the long run. A little really does go a long way.


Our process

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we offer services in 3 different modalities: in home, online and in clinic. 
Parent coaching & disorder of speech

             In home Visits

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we arrange for in home visits for clients who cannot engage online. Our SLP assesses the children via parent interview and online observation. The SLP then writes up a treatment plan the SLP assistants employ in the home. The SLP does weekly progress checks with the SLP assistant to monitor progress closely and will make home visits when needed. At Vancouver Speech Therapy we work hard to foster a close relationship with the family and clients we work with. 

Currently we are providing in home services in Vancouver and Burnaby. 


            Online Sessions

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we do online sessions through video conferencing on Zoom. Online sessions are effective for children who can engage for 30-60 minutes online. We create a session plan that targets all necessary goals while keeping the client engaged. Online sessions are also arranged for adult clients who would like to work on accent reduction and other speech/language goals. 


We provide online services to individuals all over BC.

                  In Clinic

Exciting news! Starting from April 2023, our newest in-clinic location is now open in Abbotsford, conveniently situated at 32615 South Fraser Way. We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting new clients and can’t wait to serve the community!