How a Speech Therapist in Vancouver can Help Today

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How a Speech Therapist in Vancouver can Help Today

Speech Therapists in Vancouver

Some kids have trouble saying certain sounds or words. This can be frustrating because others may have trouble understanding what they’re trying to say. The good news is that kids can go to a special kind of therapist for help, speech therapists or speech language therapists in Vancouver.

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What Do Speech Therapists Help With?

Speech therapists help people of all ages with different speech and language disorders. Here are some of them:

  1. Articulation Disorders: This is when a kid has trouble saying certain sounds or saying words correctly. ‘Run” might come out as “won”, for example. Lisps are considered articulation disorders.
  2. Fluency Disorders: If a kid repeats certain sounds and has trouble saying the complete word, he or she might have a fluency disorder. For example, a kid trying to say “story” might get stuck on the “st” sound, or they might draw out certain sounds for a long time. A stutter is a fluency disorder.
  3. Resonance or Voice Disorders: A kid might have a voice disorder if people have trouble understanding them. The kids might start a sentence loud and clear, but it’s quiet and mumbling by the end. Sometimes these kids sound like they have a cold or like they’re talking through their noses.
  4. Language Disorders: A kid who has trouble understanding people or has trouble putting words together to express thoughts might have a language disorder.

Who Needs Speech Therapy?

Lots of kids see speech therapists. It’s a great way to learn to speak more clearly. Sometimes a kid has a medical condition that makes speaking harder. Some of them include a hearing impairment, weak muscles around the mouth, vocal nodules or hoarseness, autism, breathing disorder, swallowing disorder.

What is it Like Visiting A Speech Therapist in Vancouver?

A kid visiting a speech therapist for the first time will take a speaking test. Don’t worry, it’s not like a test in school that will affect your report card. This test is a way of finding out what types of speech problems the child has. The child will be asked to say certain sounds and words. These may be recorded and the therapist might write some stuff down during the test. The test will help the therapist figure out the child’s needs and decide what treatments are best. The treatment for speech problems is practice. If kids have trouble with articulation or fluency, the therapist will spend time showing them how to make the proper sounds. The therapist will demonstrate the sounds and ask the child to copy them. That means copying the way the therapist moves the lips, mouth, tongue to make the right sound.

Vancouver Speech Therapy

Vancouver Speech Therapy is a licensed establishment in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in speech therapies for children and adults. This