What Is Social Communication Disorder?

Social Communication Disorder

What Is Social Communication Disorder?

Social Communication Disorder

Social communication disorder(s) are characterized by difficulties in using verbal and non-verbal language for social purposes. There are primary difficulties in social communication, social cognition, and pragmatics. Today, Vancouver Speech Therapy is going to tell you about “Social Communication Disorder” and its related some important facts, treatments, etc. 

What Is Social Communication Disorder?

Children with social communication disorder have difficulty interacting with others through language. They comprehend language and can use it in specific situations, but they struggle to interact with others in a social setting. They could find it difficult to converse, use greetings, and decipher the words and movements of others. They frequently struggle to recognize implied meanings in stories that are obvious to children their age.

A child’s social communication issue does not imply that they are not intelligent. It is a rather recent diagnosis. Children with social communication impairment used to be labeled as having a specific form of autism spectrum disorder.


Social Communication Disorder


Symptoms of Social Communication Disorder 

All of a child’s verbal and nonverbal social communication is impacted by a social communication disorder. Speaking, writing, gestures, and sign language are all included. The following are indications that a child may have social communication disorder:

  • Difficulty using words or gestures in certain circumstances, such as:
  • Greetings
  • imparting their knowledge to others
  • Adapting their speech to the circumstances
  • Recognizing when a statement is inferred but not explicitly stated
  • Conversing with others
  • Narrating a narrative
  • Compared to other children, you learn language more slowly.
  • Having no desire to interact with or play with other kids
  • Not or only partially responding when someone attempts to communicate with them


Method for Diagnosing Social Communication Disorder

A child must have displayed indications of social communication disorder since they were very young to receive a diagnosis. Sometimes, as a child ages, the warning signs become much more obvious and their communication abilities lag behind those of other kids their age.

Autism spectrum conditions can occasionally resemble social communication problems. A specialist will rule out autism spectrum disorder before identifying a youngster as having social communication impairment.

How Can Communication Disorder be Treated? 

Social communication disorder does not currently have a specific treatment. However, children with social communication disorders can learn to communicate more effectively with the support of speech and language therapy and social skills instruction. 

Social Communication Disorder


What Can You Expect From Our Therapy or Treatment?

Treatments for speech and language are more effective when the family is involved. This is crucial for a disease that interferes with social interaction. It will be crucial for you to give your youngster several chances to practice skills in practical settings.

We also advise you to consult with your child’s teachers, counsellors, and other special educators like physical or occupational therapists as extra “communications partners.”

Typically, therapy moves from one-on-one sessions with the therapist to support groups that encourage teaching newly acquired skills to other kids. Contact Vancouver Speech Therapy today for your child’s treatment! Thanks for reading this Vancouver Speech Therapy blog! 


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