Stuttering: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Stuttering: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment in Vancouver

What is stuttering?

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Stuttering is a childhood associated problem; however, it can be a long-lasting problem for some individuals in Vancouver. It affects a person’s speech i.e., making them unable to speak fluently. People who stutter often have to repeat words, portions of sentences, and difficulty pouncing some letters/ words.

It is most commonly starts showing when a child at the age of two-year-old to six-year-old. In most cases, it stops when they start going to school, but in some, it persists. Lesser then 1% adult population has this problem.

What are the symptoms of stuttering?

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A person who has this speech disorder often finds it difficult to pronounce certain words, and their speech is disrupted.  People who stutter often repeat some alphabets, mainly ‘k,’ ‘G,’ or ‘T.’

It is stressful for these individuals to make conversations; hence they may show the following symptoms.

  • When trying to say something, you can see some physical signs, for instance, rapid blinking, the tension on the face, lip tremors, and stress on the upper body.
  • They feel frustrated when told to talk.
  • They hesitate when saying things and sometimes refuse to talk.
  • They pronounce some words in a long sound For instance ‘Emaaaaaa’

What causes this speech disorder, and how is it diagnosed?

There are various likely causes, some of them can be

  • Brain development during childhood
  • A brain stroke can cause stuttering.
  • Inherited family disorder
  • May have gone through severe emotional trauma.

You or your child can make the diagnosis. However, the severity of stuttering can be diagnosed by a speech therapy pathologist at Vancouver Speech Therapy.

Vancouver Speech Therapy: What are the possible ways to treat stuttering?

Ways you can help yourself cure this issue.

There is no quick cure for stuttering; however, you can help yourself by speaking slowly. Speaking fast at once can be stressful, hence start talking slowly once you have mastered it then begin speaking fluently. There are only certain words that some people stutter so they can try to avoid them as much as possible. Lastly, you can try mindful mediation; it will reduce stress and help manage the stutter.

Speech therapy

Research suggests that it is one of the most effective ways to help people gain control over the stuttering. They help people work on their speech patterns, help them overcome the anxiety of speaking in situations, and help them slow down their speech.

Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT)

It is a psychotherapy that helps individuals change their thinking, which effectively leads to turn in their behavior. It is ideal for people who tend to stutter in stressful situations. They educate the person about their stuttering and help them get it under control by doing meditation and exercises.

Using electronic devices

Some people take the assistance of electric devices; they help them manage their speech and practice their speaking power by mimicking the correct speech (which they would repeat after).

Self-help group

People who stutter often feel alienated; knowing people who go through the same experience can help them gain confidence. Often people in these groups find solutions they did not know of beforehand.

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